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Starting Foundation Stage

Being At St Helen's
Foundation Stage (Reception Year)

Prior to the children starting at St. Helen's, parents are invited to an evening meeting (usually held in June) where they will receive helpful information and meet the Foundation Stage Teachers.  Children who are offered a place at the school will have an opportunity to visit the school, spend time in their new class room and meet their teacher (usually in June) and then again with their family in July during the Celebration Evening.

School Visits
We also run a scheme called School Visits, where you and your child are invited into school to meet with the  class teacher (and usually the Learning Support Assistant) before the child starts school.  This school visit, enables the child to meet school personnel before they fomally start school. These visits usually take place during the first week of the Autumn Term.

Induction Programme
At the beginning of the Autumn Term, children are invited to attend school as part of a small group and will attend either a morning or afternoon session for, usually, 5 or 6 days.  These sessions at school, will involve spending time with a group of 14 or 15 other Foundation Stage pupils and allows an opportunity for children to become familiar with their immediate surroundings, some of their peers and their class teacher.  Thereafter children will attend school on a full-time basis.

We constantly review our induction programme based on prior knowledge and feedback and changes may occur from year to year.

Foundation Stage Profile
Children at this stage are constantly encountering new experiences and seeking to understand them in order
to extend their skills, develop their confidence and build on what they already know. They learn in many different ways. Children deepen their understanding by playing, talking, observing, planning, questioning, experimenting, testing, repeating, reflecting and responding to adults and to each other. We provide a wide range of activities, both indoors and outdoors, where children may develop all these skills.

A continuous record of progress is completed throughout the Foundation Year. This is then used to prepare a report at the end of the Academic Year.  The Foundation Stage teachers will carry out an On-Entry Assessment to inform them of children's individual needs

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