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Uniform Policy


Specific school uniform Items (generally items with School Logo) can be purchased directly from the School Office.
Samples of all uniform are available to look at/try on.

In synopsis the compulsory school uniform is as follows;
Boy's Winter Uniform:School Jumper with Logo, White Shirt, School Tie, Long Grey Trousers, Grey socks, Black shoes, Dark Coat and School Wooly Hat with Logo.
Boy's Summer Uniform: School Jumper with Logo, School White Polo shirt with Logo, Short Grey Trousers, Grey socks, Black shoes, Dark Coat and School Cap with Logo.
Girl's Winter Uniform:School Cardigan/School  Jumper with Logo, White Shirt, School Tie, Navy Pinafore dress, White socks/Navy tights, Black shoes, Dark Coat and School Wooly Hat with Logo.
Girl's Summer Uniform:School Cardigan/School  Jumper with Logo, Blue STRIPED Dress, White Long/Short socks, Black shoes, Dark Coat and School Cap with Logo.
P.E. Items All:House P.E. Polo shirt, Royal Blue Shorts, Tracksuit (any colour), Trainers and School P.E. Bag with Logo.
Other items All:School Bookbag with School Logo.

Children are responsible for their own uniform items at all times.
All uniform including full PE Kit and footwear MUST be clearly marked with your child’s name.
Sewn in labels - make teachers smile.
All children require a school Raincoat which is kept in school.
Wellington Boots
All children in Foundation Stage require a pair of Wellington Boots which are kept in school. Children in Year 1 and Year 2 do not have Wellington Boots in school.
All hair which is longer than shoulder length (boys and girls), must be tied up using bands/ribbons in school colours (royal blue or yellow) only.  Any band/ribbon should be small, insignificant and not draw attention.  It is expected that all children wear their hair in a style that is suitable for their age and is not ‘extreme’ in any way.
Only children in Year 2 are allowed to wear watches for school.  However, they must be small and inconspicuous (No loud colours).  Please ensure it is a watch that will help your child to learn to tell the time.
EARRINGS SHOULD NOT BE WORN FOR SCHOOL. They can be dangerous and nasty accidents can occur.  If your child already has pierced ears, consider carefully before sending them into school with earrings.  Only small stud earrings are acceptable. Any child wearing earrings, cannot take part in P.E or any after school club.  For Health and Safety reasons, staff are not allowed to help/remove earrings. Act Sensibly - if you decide to have your child’s ears pierced, do so at the beginning of the Summer holidays which will then ensure a sufficient amount of time before the earrings can be removed upon return to school in September.
No Other Jewellery items are permitted.
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